Carson is 18 months!

Ok so I'm a little late, but Carson turned 18 months on the 25th of last month and I really can't believe how fast time flies!! He's not my baby anymore, he's so grown up and it makes me sad! We went to the doctor on Tuesday and he still only weighs 23 lbs. I'm telling you the kid does not eat, it's a fight everyday so if any of you have any suggestions let me know! He's only in the 20% for weight! He's 50% in height which has pretty much been constant since birth and yes, his head is still in the 95%! What can I say he's got a big brain! He left the doctors with a clean bill of health and Chris and I are just so happy and blessed that he's grown up to be such a happy, healthy little boy. It's been so fun to watch him these past couple of months, he's starting to talk more and his personality is really coming out, he's such a ham. He's always making us laugh and it's crazy how smart he is. He loves, loves, loves to read. I'll find him sitting in the corner with a book and jabbering away while he traces the words with his finger, it's the cutest thing ever! He can't get enough of basketballs, footballs, baseballs, anything that he can throw! He'll sit and watch football with us and get all excited when anyone scores a touchdown. He's all over the place and is turning into a little daredevil, he now climbs on everyhing! He really has grown up so much but I'm happy to say that at the end of the day he still will lay on your shoulder and let you rock him before he goes to sleep and it's those moments that I love the most!

Carson at about 1 week old, I can't believe how tiny he is!

Carson at 18 months. He loves to put on his daddy's shoes and try to walk around, he doesn't get very far but it's pretty funny to watch!

Carson loves his Daddy!

Carson enjoying some Mac & Cheese crackers with his buddy Andrew.

A couple of weeks ago we were able to go up to Tub Ridge and visit the guys on their hunting trip. Carson loves the mountains! He got to ride the 4 wheeler with daddy, play in the dirt with Blake and walk with his papa. It's always so good to go up in the mountains and get away for a while.

I love these pictures, they're so sweet! Carson loves his PaPa!

Good news!! Most of you know that my sister Jessica is pregnant, and they just found out that they are having a little girl too!! We were hoping for a boy so Carson wouldn't be surrounded by girls but we couldn't be more excited for them. It will be so fun to have our girls be so close! Congrats you guys!!