Christmas Cards

This year I kindof forgot the whole Christmas card thing until just a few days ago. This shouldn't come as a big surprise for those of you who know me, I am a procrastinater! Knowing that I didn't have much time I thought I would just take a picture of Carson myself and buy some of those cheap cards at Target. I wanted it taken outside in the snow, so Chris had the bright idea to put Carson on a crate with a white garbage sack over it so you couldn't see it. That way he wouldn't get wet and it would look like he was sitting in the snow! I didn't think it was a bad idea either! So as you can see we gave it a shot and it seemed to be working, but I'm sure you all know that to get a good picture of an 8 month old on the first shot is NOT possible. It was his first time in the snow, and of course like everything else, he wanted to put it in his mouth. I looked away for one second and he face planted into the snow. This wasn't fluffy snow. It was the crusty kind, needless to say he was soaking wet and his poor little face was all scratched up. I don't think he's to fond of the snow anymore! So in the end we took his picture in front of the Christmas tree, and when you get your card you'll see he couldn't have been more happier about it. Luckily the black and white photo hides most of the little scratches and he still is cute as ever!:)


My beautiful neice Chloe!!


Fishing In Alaska

Since the blog is pretty much all about Carson I decided to add some pics of my wonderful husband too! This year Chris decided to forgo his annual week long hunting trip for the chance to go to Ketchikan, Alaska. It was a nice gettaway for the guys and they had a blast. They stayed in a cabin right on the ocean and fished all day everyday for a week. They fished for Salmon and halibut. They came home with about 100 lbs of fish each!! I can honestly say we have been eating fish for the past couple of months and our freezer is still full! So here are some pictures from their trip for all of you fish lovers!

Ed, Chris, Matt, Braxton & My dad with their "catch" for the day!

Gorgeous view!

Chris & his dad with their halibut

Bruce, Matt & Braxton in front of their cabin


Carson Boyd

Families are Forever

I can't believe that my little brother is old enough, but he recently got his mission call to Kenya, Nairobi Africa! Scary!! Just this last weekend we all got to go through the Idaho Falls temple with him. I can't even describe how wonderful that experience was. Standing in the celestial room for the first time with my whole family is something that I will never forget! I am so greatful that I get to be sealed to my husband and my beautiful baby boy! Families are the greatest blessing we have and I couldn't ask for a better one!!


Carson in his new Christmas jammies.

Carsons two bottom front teeth are finally in! It's a good thing he drinks from a bottle now!!


Chris decided that he wanted to get into real estate, so we are attempting our first project. We are building a cabin up in Heber. It is on a beautiful lot up in the mountains, overlooking a lake. It should be done around January so we are keeping our fingers crossed that it sales. (even though I want to keep it!) A couple of weeks ago we took a drive up there to check on the progress and I had to stop and take pictures of Carson in the leaves, they turned out so cute!

For Carson's first Halloween we dressed him up as a
skunk, he was so cute. He didn't quite know what to think, he hardly
dared move in his costume!

Like Father, like son!


Carson all ready for church, so handsome!