Carson and his Teddy....

Carson was being such a little ham tonight when we got him out of the bath, so of course I busted out the camera. He LOVES his teddy bear!! He's never really been into stuffed animals so when Chris bought this for him I really didn't think he'd care to much about it, but I guess I was wrong! It's hilarious, he'll crawl over and put a ball in his lap like he wants it to play catch with him, he'll talk to him and gives him the biggest kisses ever....so cute!! Carson is at such a fun age, he makes us laugh so hard.....just look at that smile, it makes my whole day!


Happy Anniversary

Yesterday was our 2nd anniversary!! I know all you veterans are thinking no big deal but it really seems like a long time to me! (not in a bad way!) We've just already been through so much, our first baby is already almost 14 months! I couldn't ask for a better husband and father, I love you Chris! I wanted to take a trip back to May 19th, two years ago.....and share our big day!


Happy Birthday Chris!!

I have been a TERRIBLE blogger lately!! I don't know why but I have been in a rutt!! I do have an excuse for the past couple of days though....it was Chris's birthday yesterday so we headed off to Salt Lake for the weekend for a little alone time. Chris's parents came up to watch Carson for us on Friday and we stayed up there till today, it was sooo nice! We went to my FAV restaurant on Friday night, Melting pot. Everytime we eat there you swear that you'll never eat again, we stuffed our faces but it was so yummy! We stayed at Little America, slept in till about 10:00 and then went to the spa. We got the couples massages which were heavenly at the time but I think we're both feeling the after effects now! They were deep tissue ones and they told us we would probably be a little sore but Holy Cow!! I feel like I've been run over by a car! We went shopping the rest of the day and then went to see the new movie "What Happens in Vegas", it is hilarious, we loved it!! This morning we slept in again and then went over to the Grand America for Brunch...it was sooo good, if you haven't been I highly recommed it! We had to hurry home thoudh so that I could play the piano in Primary and Chris could teach but it was seriously the BEST weekend!! It's always nice to get away with your hubby! So thanks Ed & Nelda for watching Carson, even though you both got thrown up on I know he had a great time.....we love you & Happy Birthday Babe!



My neice is seriously the cuttest little girl ever!! Look at those eyes, she's beautiful! Laura took these pictures and she did such a good job...I had to share them.