We are Alive!

I now it's been forever since I posted and a lot has gone on!! A couple of weeks ago Chris went to Chicago for work so I headed up to Idaho for 5 days. My brother and sister in law came up also so it was fun to hang out with the family. Sunday morning Carson and I headed back to Utah to meet Chris and then made our 6 hour long trip to Lake Powell...A LOT of driving in one day!! Chris says Powell is his home away from home, he's been going there for a lot of years so it was fun to spend the week there. A couple of our friends have a house boat and so every year a bunch of them get together, about 18, and just hang out. This year was our first year going with them and we are so glad we did. It was the most relaxing week of our lives. It was full of boating, wakeboarding, tubing, laying out, naps, games, eating and then some more eating. I have never eaten so much junk food in my life!! I can't even tell you how nice it was to just wake up and know that you could just veg out the whole day if you wanted to. Carson absolutely LOVED it! Our friends have a little girl who is about a month older than him and they were so cute together the whole trip. They would follow each other around everywhere! They even had their first kiss! They were both sitting on my lap and I told Carson to give Mylie a kiss and he leaned in mouth wide open!! The boats were Carson's favorite, EVERYTIME a boat or a waverunner would go by he would get all excited and clap for everyone of them. He got to ride on the waverunner with dad and he thought he was pretty cool, although he didn't dare move in his lifejacket! We all had so much fun and were sad to leave and get back to everyday life! I didn't take as many pictures as I thought so I'll get some from Becca and post more of the group later.

King of the Beach!!

He loved his car floaty

Dad and Carson on the waverunner, this was Carson's expression the whole ride....he didn't dare move!

Hanging out on the beach

Carson & Mylie