Sweet Baby Girls

Jessica's friend Lindsey came down to Utah to take pictures of Liv so we thought it would be fun to get some together. I've been waiting for her to fit into this cute brown hat and it made some darling pictures! She just came over to our house and did them right in my kitchen. I'm telling you she is usually always happy and out of about 1800 pictures we took we caught maybe 3 where she was half smiling! Go figure!! They are still sweet as can be.
These one's are priceless, this is totally Raegan! She's already full of drama and as you can see she wasn't too exctied about having her picture taken!
These two are going to be the best of friends and it will be so fun to watch them grow up together. I'm so glad we were able to get these pictures done so they can enjoy them when they're older.
Thanks Lindsey for taking such cute pictures, we love em!!


Philly Trip

So it's been a busy past couple of months and I haven't posted forever so this is going to be a picture overload!! My mom and I had the chance to go to Philly a couple of weeks ago to visit Jess, and we had a blast! I took Raegan and left Carson. It was so hard to leave him for so long but I knew he was in good hands. Rachel watched him during the day and then dad took him at night. It was Raegan's first plane ride and she did SO good! We got there on Thursday and it was so good to see Jess & Justin, Olivia had grown up so much and was such a cutie! We hung out in Philly on Friday and it POURED on us!! Saturday morning we headed to New York for 3 days. It was my first time and we had so much fun. It was a lot of work dragging two babies around for 3 days but well worth it, they were little troopers! We shopped, shopped and then shopped some more. Justin watched the babies while we went to Wicked Saturday night and it was AMAZING, I absolutely loved it!

This was our cute little hotel, we were worried but it turned out to be pretty nice and we were close to everything so it was perfect!

Times Square

Sunday we went to China Town and shopped, then headed to Ground Zero. After that we went to the Statue of Liberty, we didn't ride the ferry because we didn't have enough time, two babies kinda slow ya down!! It rained on us pretty much all day but we still had a good time!

This was our first Subway ride, thank heavens for public transportation!!

Yes, that thing sticking out of my head is the Statue of Liberty, like I said we didn't exactly get that close!

We referred to this pack as the torture chamber!! Neither baby liked their stroller too much so we had to take turns packing them around and our backs were KILLING us by the end of our trip! I'm so glad my mom we there to help me with Raegan! Thanks mom!

Sunday we went to Central Park and it was so pretty, I could have stayed all day but we didn't have much time. We shopped the rest of the day and then headed home that night. We were sad to go, I swear you need months to see everything in New York. Oh well, I guess that just means I get to go back a few more times!!

Raegan & Olivia loved Central Park, they got to get out and play on the grass, it was such a nice break for them, the poor little things!

Tuesday we shopped in Philly and then Wednesday we went to Atlantic City. It was kinda like a mini Vegas with a beach. The babies were so tired and didn't love the water so we spent most of the time shopping on the board walk.

Raegan would not touch the water, she hated it!!

We ate at Johny Rockets and it was soooo good!! Best Burgers ever!

Thursday we spent the day in Philly and did a bunch of sight seeing, there is so much history there and it was cool to see everything. We went to Independece Hall and then over to the Liberty Bell.

This is at the room where the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Then we headed over to run the Rocky steps and took pictures of downtown Philly.

We were sad to leave on Friday but Jessica and Justin ended up leavin the same day. My mom took Olivia home on the plane and they drove. Chris and Carson picked us up at the airport and It was so good to see my boys!! Carson was so excited and couldn't stop saying "Mommy n' baby!" He was just as excited to see Raegan as he was to see me, it was so sweet! Jess & Justin have been staying with us until they find a place and it's been so nice to have them home. Raegan and Olivia are already the best of friends!