Its a......

Well....I know a lot of you already know but WE ARE PREGNANT!! I'm about 4 months along and we are so excited! We were supposed to find out on the 4th what we were having but we couldn't wait that long so we went to the mall. I know it's only a week and a half away but we're very impatient! I know it's crazy but here in Utah there's so many babies that they have a place called Gender Ultrasound and that's where we went. For those of you who wait the whole 9 months to find out, hats off to you because I have no idea how you do it. Anyway.....we are having another baby boy! It will be fun to have two boys so close together, they will be about 22 months apart so we will have our hands full!



Well it has been a busy summer and I can't believe that it's already almost August! I really am going to try and make an effort to start blogging more. I just got back from a trip to Texas to see my sister, and we had so much fun. My mom, sister in law, Chloe, Carson and I all flew out for a week. When we bought our tickets we decided to go cheaper and get a connecting flight, BAD IDEA!! We got to the airport at 3:00 because we were supposed to fly out at 5:15 but it turns out we were delayed until 7:15, ya 4 hours! It was a nightmare! We flew to Denver thinking we would barely make our next flight, we rushed to the gate (you should have seen us with 2 babies and all our bags, we got quite a few stares) and yes that flight was delayed an hour! We finally got onto the plane at 10:30 and got into Texas at about 1:00! Let's just say it was a day I'll never forget, we laugh about it now but it truly was miserable! I will gladly pay double next time to get there on one flight, lesson learned! Anyway.....the week went by way too fast, we had so much fun! We shopped almost every day! They had a really fun pool so we went swimming a few times and the kids loved it. We went to the aquarium on Saturday and it was packed but we still had a good time. I think that's the only place I took pictures. The kids were such troopers, we drug them around from mall to mall, they were sleep deprived all week and they were still sooo good besides a few minor tantrums! It was sad to leave but it was so good to get home and see Chris, luckily we had no delays coming back!

All of us at the aquarium

Chloe and Carson were so cute on this trip! At first Carson didn't know what to think about Chloe, she loves to give hugs and was always wanting to hold Carson's hand and give him kisses. Those of you who know Carson know that he likes his personal space, as soon as he saw Chloe coming for him he looked at anyone close to save him! By the end of the trip he had really warmed up to her and they were so cute!

This one's my favorite! Chloe had just figured out how to take off her own diaper, Carson was laying on his blanky crying and Chloe just got down right by him and gave him a hug, so sweet!


All Grown Up...

Carson had his 15 month checkup today. He has only gained half a pound in the past three months! He's in the 10-25% in weight and 50% in height. I guess we need to beef him up a little bit. And can I just say how much I hate, hate, hate it when they have to get shots. He had three today, 2 in the leg and one on his little hip, it was so sad. The stupid nurse was training some guy so she was taking her sweet time and I wanted to shove the needle in her leg!! Carson was screaming and shaking, looking up at me to save him...I hate it! So...after we made a trip to Toys R Us for a little shopping! I know he's spoiled but I couldn't help it. We ended up leaving with a basketball hoop, a book, and a set of crayons with a coloring pad. Those are his 2 new favorite things, coloring and Basketball. Well, basketball has always been his favorite but now times it by ten! He was so excited about it. Carson was in his highchair when Chris came home and the first thing he did was point over to the hoop and say "ba ball" (basketball), he was so excited to show his daddy. The funny thing is that he hadn't even played with it for the past 3 hours, he was just way too excited to tell him about it! It's stuff like that that makes me realize how grown up he is. It's kinda sad, but I love this age, he catches on to stuff so fast and loves to make us laugh.

He learned how to dribble but he knows that it works better on a hard surface so he always takes it over to the tile floor before he starts....so smart!

These little Crayola Beginnings crayons are great, they are washable and they fit perfectly in there little hands, he loves them!