Liv's Birthday

Livee's birthday was on the 16th so Jess and I decided to take the kids to the Discovery Center at the Gateway mall. It is the cutest place ever! It's like a mini world for kids, they had everything and the kids loved it! Sorry for the picture overload!

 Carson spent most of his time driving around in the cars and Raegan LOVED the horse!
 They had a little garden where they could plant and pick veggies, it was so cute!

 Liv and Raegan loved making sandwhiches at the Deli. Raegan thought she could eat them but wasn't too pleased with the taste!:)

Liv's Party was on Saturday and she was so cute! She's so sweet and I love her so much!!

Happy Birthday Liv!!


Valentines Day

 Every year for Valentines Day we get the kids a few things and this year I decided to go to the Dollar Store to save a little money, big mistake! Every toy that I bought was either broken when they opened it or broke the first time they played with it! Good thing the only thing they really care about is the candy!

My two little sweeties!!!

I hope everyone had a Happy Valentines Day!!!


It's been awhile!!!

I looked at the date on my last post, October 2009, could it really have been that long ago?!?! Time sure has flown by!! My friends and family keep telling me how sick they are of seeing the post "Carving and Cornbellies" everytime they check my blog so I thought I better update! I'm not even going to begin to try and catch up with everything that's been going on so I'll just fill ya in on how my kiddo's are. That's the reason everyone checks this anyways right!

Carson will be 4 in March!! I really can't beleive he's that old. He started Preschool in the Fall and he LOVES it!! He goes to Learning Dynamics twice a week and it just isn't enough. He would go everyday if he could. He's learning so much, and is quite the little smarty pants! He writes all his numbers and letters and is already starting to sound out words! (mom's are supposed to brag right!) When he see's me writing he tells me "Mom that's not how you do it, let me show you!" He started going to Sunbeams this year and thinks he's pretty big!

He's mister smiley Joe! He's always smiling and is such a good natured kid. He's all boy and still LOVES to play with cars or anything with wheels! He loves to draw, play football, to be outside and loves his little sister! He is always so concerned about Raegan, where she is, what she's doing and if she's ok. It's so sweet, they are the best of friends! He's naturally curious and asks questions about EVERYTHING!! He comes up with some funny stuff and keeps us laughing!

Raegan just turned two in January and she keeps us busy!! That's actually an understatement, she is into EVERYTHING!! She's got quite the spunky personality! When she started walking she was running & jumping! She climbs on everything and jumps off everything. She's a little dare devil and will do just about anything. I really don't know how we've gotten this far without any broken bones! She's not super girly but still loves her babies! She can play cars with her brother and LOVES to wrestle with him, she can usually take him down!

She is quite the drama girl, but she is still such a little sweetheart!! She loves to cuddle on the couch with her binky, blanky and every stuffed animal that she owns! She LOVES animals, especially puppies! She goes to bed at night with at least 4 or 5, and when she wakes up you have to get them all out so she can pack them around! Those of you who know her know that she is definitely a mama's girl! Don't get me wrong she loves her daddy but she always has to know where I am!

We really are so blessed to have two healthy, beautiful kids and couldn't be luckier! I really am going to try and be better at keeping this updated but don't hold me to it!