Catching up

I thought I better update since it's been awhile. We've had a lot going on! Chris had a birthday on the 17th, Happy Late Birthday babe! (He would kill me if I put how old he was!) We were lucky enough to have my mom come down again to watch the kids. Chris is always so creative with his gifts so I wanted to do somthing sweet for him. I led him on a little scavenger hunt for two days stopping for gifts, golf, a movie staying at Little America, and some shopping. It was a ton of fun and he loved it. Then two days later it was our Anniversary, 3 years! I know it seems like it should be more with 2 kids, but nope! We celebrated the next weekend at the Melting Pot, it's where we had our first date and one of my favorite places to eat. It was a great week!
Memorial weekend was a ton of fun. We had a Harvey family reunion at a ranch in Fairview, it was beautiful. The place was huge, it was perfect for all the little kidos to run around together, they had a blast! The adults all stayed up till 3 playing bunko, mafia and the animal game (for those of you who have played it's hilarious!) We had a lot of fun and was sad to have it end. Monday was Chris's works Lagoon day. It was perfect weather and Carson had so much fun. We couldn't ride with him on most of the rides so we just stuck him in there by himself. The first one was a helicopter ride and I didn't realize how high it went and that it tilted, I felt soo bad! He was gripping the back of the ride the whole time and I've never seen him so terrified. I felt like such a bad mom cause he was so scared but after it was over he was smiling and clapping! After that he wanted to do all of them, he even rode on the little roller coaster. Everyday since he can't stop talking about how he wants to go back to "agooooon"!! Since Monday things have been pretty lowkey, we've just been staying at home enjoying this nice weather.
The kids are growing like crazy, Raegan's already 4 1/2 months. She had her 4 month checkup and I can't find the card with her info on it but I know she was 25-50% in weight and 75% in height. She has the funniest personality, she's either super serious or just as happy as can be, there's no in between with her. She's rolling over now both from tummy to back and back to tummy. She sat in her high chair for the first time on Tuesday and tried the rice cereal. She hated every second of it, she gagged for like 10 seconds, such drama!! I gave her some more today and it wasn't as bad but she loves to sit up in the high chair and thinks she's so big. She loves her feet and sucks on her toes, her middle finger (wierd I know) and her bottom lip. Carson is really starting to interact a lot more with her. He always talks to her in baby talk when she's crying and he's able to calm her down even when I can't, it's the sweetest thing. He brings her toys and will just lay there by her, I love it.
I'm so mad because I forgot my camera for the reunion and Lagoon so I'm just posting some recent pictures of the kids, or I should say kid! Carson is impossible to get a picture of lately, he will not sit still!!

Carson, Raegan, Paige & Chloe in Idaho

Great Grandma Robson with Raegan

After her first bite of cereal, not too thrilled!