Just Kidding....It's a Girl!!

We went in for our 20 week ultrasound today and it's a girl!!! Seriously.....what were we thinking when we went to the mall to find out. The tech told us that they just hire anyone and it's basically like guessing for them. She said a lot of times girls are swollen that early so if you don't know what you're looking for than you can guess wrong, and ours did! The ultrasound today definitely shows it's a girl. I think Chris and I are still in shock but we are way excited, one of each! Chris is a little stressed, he says it's going to be the most expensive mistake yet! Of course I had to go straight to the mall and buy at least one outfit! I was so overwhelmed, there is so much girl stuff!! Anyway....the tech said that she looked as healthy as ever so we couldn't be more happier!


Rachel Tied the Knot!!

I know I'm kind of late but Rachel got married on Saturday!! It was so beautiful, she looked gorgeous and everything was perfect! Except for the fact that I'm almost 5months pregnant and had to wear a bridesmaids dress, seriously what's up with everyone getting married when I'm pregnant! My sister chose to when I was 9 months prego, and it was scarry, those of you who were there know what I mean! No really it was so fun to see her get married and her and Tyler are so happy. They just bought a townhome not too far from our house so it will be fun to live so close. I'm mad at myself though, I always take my camera everywhere thinking I'm going to get all these pictures and I think I took 5! I don't have any of the ceremony because I was in it but I'm sure Rach will post some soon and tell you all about it. We love you Rach, Congratulations!!

Carson and mommy, he was such a little trooper throughout the whole night.

My little man in his cute pink tie!

Her colors were so pretty, and I LOVED her cake!

Rach looked beautiful!

This is what happens when you ask Carson to see his teeth, so cheesy!